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When Music becomes a passion

Award-winning composer Jurgen Beck was born in Germany and began his musical journey early in his life. His passion and interest in music was directed toward training on the trumpet (Fluegelhorn), while at the same time picking up other instruments such as guitar, piano, and bass. His passion for harmonic structure stems from his early years of musical training and playing in a brass choir in Germany.

Having received a full scholarship, he moved to the USA in 1987 to continue his music studies at a college in Dallas, Texas. It was during that time that he began producing music for independent artists, allowing him to refine his skills not only as a composer, but all aspects of music arrangement, recording, mixing, and mastering audio.

His love for film music essentially resulted in a natural transition from writing and producing music for artists to writing for film.

Jurgen is a creative composer who loves to explore the multi-faceted aspects of music and how it affects the listener. This gives him a unique ability adding music to picture that engages the viewer’s emotive abilities to absorb the story. Whether it is composing for feature films, documentaries, commercials, or digital media, his passion is to bring whatever medium he writes for to life by adding a unique blend of electronic and orchestral elements.

Jurgen has been highly active with a number of popular productions lately ranging from his iconic score for the highly successful faith-based film "Beyond the Mask", his music for the passion play "The Thorn" and numerous television commercials and film trailers.


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